Hotel Bahia in Lignano....your summer holiday in pole position!
Hotel Bahia in Lignano....your summer holiday in pole position! coppa-dono-13

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Hotel Bahia and live a holiday in pole position




Before taking over the management in 2015, I used to pass in front of it for almost 10 years and, without entering, I could already feel its charm.

The external facade had recently been renovated, but the furnishings on the ground floor, including the hall, were outdated; despite this I never missed a chance to peek inside. Something attracted me, maybe the omen that something was going to happen!


The first time I entered as manager I perceived its history and at that moment I realized that the best way to succeed in improving it would have been to respect its past.

Initially I did it “on tiptoe”, I wanted to transform many things, introduce some news, but I wanted to do it in respect of its guests; I wanted to share the changes with them and understand their reactions. Many of them understood this form of respect and encouraged me to move forward.


Since then, the hotel became a laboratory of ideas. We introduced some news: the light lunch, then transformed into a brunch; the breakfast was until noon, we proposed the evening aperitif for the guests; the sensory rooms, which fragrances could be chosen personally. Later, we thought of proposing the beach towels for free use and the custom slippers to leave as a gift.


Some ideas have been successful, on others we found retracing our steps, always listening to the response of our guests.

With the renovation of the rooms and the hall, Bahia has become a modern hotel; today many people peek into it but we will continue to improve the structure, never forgetting that its strong point has always been a special relationship between people.


We are waiting for you at the Hotel Bahia!

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