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Attention to the environment


“Our planet is a sophisticated ecosystem which owes its origins to a state of harmony, a fragile equilibrium which we are compromising. If we wish to take good care of ourselves we need to first take care of all that which is around us.”


This sentence was told by an illuminated collegue of ours and we’ve decided to endorse it in order to actually improve our commitment to preserve in the best way possible everything that was given to us.


There are things that we have already done:

  • Free use of bicycles
  • Breakfast with unpackaged products in order to reduce the waste production
  • Poster designing in the bathrooms for a responsible change of towels
  • Substitution of the majority of the traditional light bulbs with Led ones
  • Give free urban bus tickets, in this way even your car can go to vacation
  • Rechargeable dispensers for shampoo and soap in the bathrooms
  • Use of seasonal and local products only
  • Use mainly recycled paper
  • Careful and responsible waste management.


A lot of us think that the covid 19 might be a signal of the sufference that our earth has sent us. Pollution, exploitment of the natural resources and mistreatment of the animals might have nurtured the spread of the virus.
Unfortunately, not only our personal freedom has been reduced, but we also have to adopt some measures that will make us take a few steps back regarding our plans to protect the environment.
We will be forced to use disposable protective devices and even some products will return to be in single use packages. We should use our own means of transportation instead of public ones, we will go back to a less natural world.
We hope all of this will end soon, but above all that this situation will serve as a lesson; in the meantime we will try to limit the damage by focusing on recycling, on the use of natural product and on the cure of our and your safety, hoping to be able to reembrace soon.

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